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We believe everyone deserves more from the world of entertainment. And that’s worth fighting for.

Our purpose is to empower you to Be Yourself. Be Strong. And Win! We are inspired by our WOW Superheroes self-belief and courage. Just as Superman stood for Truth, Justice and the American way, each WOW Superhero is here with a purpose. Feel free to cheer and join your favorites or boo the ones who have the wrong agenda.

These WOW Superheroes are going to challenge the status quo and transform women’s wrestling along the way. With your support they will all win.

WOW’s Origin

The roots of WOW may be traced back to 1984 with the World Wrestling Association, the Indianapolis-based professional wrestling organization promoted by Dick “The Bruiser” Afflis and his business partner Wilbur Snyder. The founding members of the Women’s Wrestling Association were Princess Jasmine and Candi DeVine. These two wrestling personalities appeared internationally but were regular competitors for the Bruiser/Snyder World Wrestling Association and affiliated Minneapolis-based American Wrestling Association, which was controlled by Verne Gagne.  

Whereas, the three distinguishing letters of WWA have been used as the acronym for several professional wrestling organizations over the years, including a wrestling based promotion in Los Angeles and Chicago in the 1950’s, it wasn’t until 1964 when the National Wrestling Association promoter, Jim Barnett sold his Indianapolis based promotion to Bruiser and Snyder that the acronym took on major status within wrestling circles.

Wrestling for the World Wrestling Association over the years were Cowboy Bob Ellis, The Crusher, Baron Von Raschke, Bobby Heenan, Sailor Art Thomas, Paul Christy, Nick Bockwinkel, football great Ernie Ladd, and the NCAA Division I and All-American heavyweight champion amateur wrestler Greg Wojciechowski. However, it was the women that wrestled for the Bruiser/Snyder promotion that prompted the shift of the acronyms first word from ‘World’ to ‘Women’ and the formation of the first and only-sanctioning body for women’s professional wrestling. 

Pushing forward 20 years to a regionally televised wrestling match between Candi DeVine and Princess Jasmine which took place in Indianapolis, a then unknown announcer named David McLane promoted the vision that there could be a marketplace for an-all women’s dedicated league and television program.

“My vision and assumption following the calling of that match between Candi DeVine and Princess Jasmine was that there is an audience for an all-women’s dedicated television program and that vision has proven successful. And now with the proliferation of global interest and wealth of international female wrestlers, along with the exploding ancillary opportunities afforded to the women of this unconventional form of entertainment, the need for an active sanctioning body is needed more than ever,” noted McLane.

Today, the Women’s Wrestling Association sanctions several wrestling events, including the WOW-Women Of Wrestling live events and is dedicated to perpetuating the tradition of the thousands of women warriors stepping into the ring. With the WWA banner association a parent can know the programming and live events are sanctioned for family enjoyment.

Honoring the Past

In honor of the trailblazing  efforts of the Women’s Wrestling Association, WOW established the Princess Jasmine Award. Princess Jasmine was considered by many to be the “barricade breaker” for many female athletes. Facing extreme pressures of discrimination for being a black woman in a traditional all-white male industry, Princess Jasmine was considered an inspirational teacher of professional wrestling having helped launch the career of WWE wrestler Ivory (who was known as Tina Ferrari in GLOW) and the early career of WOW’s own Selina Majors.

The Princess Jasmine Award is awarded to a female wrestler who has done the following:

  • Demonstrated in their life, the same persistence, spirit, love and dedication as Princess Jasmine did to the student of wrestling, teaching skills and respect for the sport; and 

  • Made a major contribution to the growth of female wrestling. 

WOW honors Princess Jasmine by recognizing the female wrestlers who have dedicated their life to this purpose and encourages female wrestlers everywhere to seek the same ideals and values.

Princess Jasmine Image


Princess Jasmine (real name Cynthia Peretti/Johnson) credited as the inspiration to form the Women’s Wrestling Association which led to the foundation of WOW competed during the 70’s and 80’s internationally and for the NWA and WWWF as well, was best known for wrestling for the AWA and WWA promotions headed by Verne Gagne and Dick The Bruiser respectively, passed away at the age of 60 in 2009 following a long battle with cancer. She is an honored star of the ring by the members of the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club.


Jeanie Buss

Owner of WOW

As a child, Jeanie Buss was a fan of her comic book superheroes, Wonder Woman and Super Girl. Now she has merged her love of superheroes with her passion for technology to provide the foundation for re-launching the WOW-Women Of Wrestling brand and their WOW Superheroes. From her perspective as an owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanie knows the importance of listening to what fans want. Jeanie believes creating a digital ecosystem is the way to empower the waiting fans. Jeanie is also sure the WOW Superheroes will transform women’s wrestling along the way by changing the status quo with a quality sports entertainment that empowers people.

David McLane

President of WOW

David has been a wrestling promoter at heart since he started selling wrestling photos and merchandise by mail order before he turned 15. The appeal of the larger-then-life ring gladiators had on the fans is something David saw first hand. Over the years, David also recognized there was a void when it came to the presentation of women wrestling. Step by step, he set out to change the landscape, allowing great women athletes to show their ability to connect with the fans. By closing a sponsorship with the Las Vegas Riviera Hotel and Casino and Brut Faberge’, David created the 1980’s hit television series the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). Following GLOW, David crafted a strong relationship with ESPN and other networks that resulted in the creation of several hundred hours of original network programming. David managing the marketing programs for sponsors Tiffany & Co., Lexus, Walt Disney, Sony, Taco Bell, and Coca-Cola along the way, David is at the forefront as the playing field of advertising integration is swiftly shifting to digital technology. At the same time consumers are eager for the one sided landscape of wrestling to change. David is taking this opportunity to return to his passion. He is confident that advertisers and fans will embrace the new WOW and its WOW Superheroes.