Jan 09, 2017

Breaking From Tradition

As most all wrestling fans know, the days before one or two big organizations dominated professional wrestling, fans were able to frequent their local high school gymnasiums, National Guard armories, and even, local state fairs to see big time professional wrestling.  In the last year, there has been a growing demand by wrestling fans to get back to the good ol’ days of wrestling.  Some may say, get back to the traditions that made wrestling great.  In California, the promotion, Pacific Coast Wrestling (PCW) emerged from this fan demand. 

Commencing with its first live event that maybe had 200 people in attendance, PCW celebrates its one-year anniversary on January 20th in Wilmington, California with what is expected to be a sell-out of near 1,500 people in attendance.  It’s this path of success on why WOW-Women Of Wrestling agreed to break from tradition when PCW promoter, Mike Scharnagi asked WOW to be a part of this event.

“When PCW approached us about becoming involved in their one-year celebration, it was a no brainer,” stated WOW matchmaker, David McLane.  “WOW is about changing the status quo and celebrating the essence of what made wrestling great by making it fun again. PCW’s Fantasm event on January 20th is all about celebrating those things while also providing us an opportunity to present women’s wrestling to an audience that hasn’t possibly seen the WOW Superheroes,” added McLane.   

So WOW breaks its tradition of only presenting its World Championship matches on its own produced shows out of respect for PCW’s successful year of growing its organization into a leading independent promotion. But how does Khloe Hurtz get the title shot?  Could it be her relationship with PCW champion, Rob Van Dam?  What gives Khloe Hurtz, the right to the championship match? 

“The All Natural,” Khloe Hurtz won our Friday Night Fights series, and in doing so, took Jungle Grrrl almost to the edge of defeat, but didn’t in their championship match.” McLane stated. “Khloe Hurtz was one hand to the mat away from almost pinning Jungle Grrrl. So it’s not Rob Van Dam, it's not PCW, and it's not the fan interest in Khloe Hurtz that secured her a second shot at the title. Why we are breaking with tradition of giving the former champion an automatic rematch is because Khloe Hurtz was one second from becoming the world champion...that is why she is the Superhero battling Santana Garrett for the world championship on January 20th,” McLane explained.

Will these non-traditional moves of WOW become the new tradition, only time will tell? But one thing is for sure, the former champion, The Fabulous Lana Star has plans for her new protégé, the Beverly Hills Babe (formally Amber O’Neal), to wrestle the winner of the Friday Night Fight at PCW’s Anniversary event. Tickets available here.

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