Mar 28, 2017

The Dagger Is Created

The Dagger came to WOW through Keta Rush.  The two met in an MMA gym in Los Angeles.  It was natural. They gravitated toward each other. Both are fierce competitors that share a number of the MMA disciplines, including Judo, Jujitsu, boxing, and--of course--wrestling.

The Dagger’s image, which includes knives, straps on her legs, and wielding her weapons to the crowd is an homage to her father. Dagger’s father shared his knife collection with his daughter.  The Dagger has been an adrenaline junkie since her teen years. She has performed skydiving, jumped from hanging cliffs, and caused men to submit in MMA practice. The Dagger lives in an out-of-the-bounds lifestyle. Ordinarily, Superheroes need an adjustment period to life in the ring, but Dagger’s past made the ring like a second home.

Her life prior to WOW remains a significant mystery to fans and officials alike. What we do know is according to certain records discovered by internet sleuths, The Dagger seems to be the victim of a volatile domestic relationship with her former husband. The volatile relationship came to an abrupt end, however, when her husband tragically passed away under suspicious circumstances.

A majority of her time would be spent in and out of police interrogation offices and courtrooms fighting allegations she had anything to do with her husband’s untimely demise. Finally, though, she cleared her name through brilliant legal assistance. Her life didn’t truly rebound, however, until she discovered a support group for fellow widows like herself. Through this support group, The Dagger picked up the pieces of her life that remained and returned to her death-defying ways. Her passion for weaponry, fighting, and wrestling had been rekindled.

The Dagger seems to have found a competitive edge, though. A fire has been lit within her, and the niceties she discovered within her support group may get cast aside. The spirit of fighting and competitiveness have awakened something within her. Will she give in to the dark desires and sinister influences of her past, or can she rebound and become a true Superhero? The Dagger remains a mystery to many of us, but slowly the unravelling of this mystery may soon reveal some piercing truths that will deeply cut her fans.