Apr 26, 2017

Before the Fight: Jungle Grrrl and the Beverly Hills Babe Prepare for Battle … but can’t image the outcome

On a cold morning in Virginia, Jungle Grrrl sits in her backyard wearing an oversized hoody. She sips on a cup of hot tea as she prepares for an intense morning workout. In a few hours, a flight will depart taking her from the her east coast home to the bright lights and big personalities of Los Angeles. Until that moment arrives, though, she’s still a mother, an entrepreneur, and a human. She’s always the World Champion, but here, she doesn’t have to carry the weight of the belt and the weight of the world around on her shoulders. No, until that moment arrives, she’s in her backyard. She watches her breath as it visibly leaves her and rushes out into the cold air. She takes another sip of tea.

Jungle Grrrl returns inside following her workout and the impending flight takes hold of her mind. She hugs and kisses her family goodbye as she begins to shed her Virginia life and embrace her status as the World Champion of WOW. The person that exists in Virginia begins to fade into the animal, the monster, the creature she needs to become to defend that World Championship. Jungle Grrrl begins to rear her head. The animal begins to take hold.

With earbuds in and several documents in front of her, she flies into LAX and tucks it all away before disembarking the plane. She walks through the crowded airport and one thought takes hold. The thought that grips her surrounds her match with The Beverly Hills Babe. Formerly Amber O’Neal, Jungle Grrrl crossed her path before, and Jungle Grrrl emerged victorious. Now, however, Beverly Hills Babe has an x-factor in her corner, the Fabulous Lana Star. Jungle Grrrl defeated Lana, as well. In fact, her victory over Lana gave her the purple belt she has nestled away in her suitcase--something she will soon see coming down the carousel in baggage claim. Although she knows she can defeat them both, because she’s done it before; there’s no telling what schemes, plots, and plans Lana can craft to put herself in the most advantageous position possible. Jungle Grrrl grabs her bag and makes her way outside to catch an Uber.

While Jungle Grrrl packs, flies, and catches her Uber, Beverly Hills Babe prepares a little differently. When she called herself Amber O’Neal, she resided in the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina. However, she left that life behind her. She calls Los Angeles home now. She exists as the protege of the Fabulous Lana Star, and she enjoys a life of luxury. Pedicures, pampering, and plenty of excess. She not only left North Carolina behind, but she left her tag team partner, Santana Garrett, behind as well. Her transition into becoming the Beverly Hills Babe cost her everything she’d ever known, but it’s too late to look back now. As she sits in the chair of one of L.A.’s many nail salons, she contemplates it all. She looks at how she has the potential to be the first Superhero in WOW to win both championships--the Tag Team and World Championships. She sits in a nail salon, but she sits on the verge of making history.

Beverly Hills Babe and Lana Star leave their nail salon and make their way to a fashionable boutique store that specializes in designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. The physical preparation comes later. The priority now is to look as good as possible before the big match. In the boutique, Beverly Hills Babe distances herself mentally from the high-end fashion world and begins to ponder the implications of her match with Jungle Grrrl. She harkens back to her first encounter with Jungle Grrrl. She thinks about her missteps. She ponders her miscalculations. She knows she cannot make the same mistakes twice. She knows she won’t make the same mistakes again. Lana won’t allow it. Beverly Hills Babe won’t allow it.

Jungle Grrrl drops her bags at her hotel and makes a sprint towards the fitness center of the hotel. Jungle Grrrl knows better than anyone that the key to preparation is to never stop preparing. It’s what brought her to the mountain top. It’s what will keep her at the mountain top. As she bounces the medicine ball off of the concrete walls of the fitness center, she thinks about her match with Beverly Hills Babe. She remembers how Beverly Hills Babe gave her a run for her money last time. She remembers Beverly Hills Babe being an opponent with an experience level she’d never before encountered.

Beverly Hills Babe and Lana made their way to a spa not far from Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Under the hands of a strong massage, Beverly Hills Babe dreamed of wearing  the WOW championship around her waist. For winning the championship was the only way to rationalize her actions. It was the only way to justify what she had done, the life she left behind, and more importantly, the people she betrayed. It wouldn’t assuage her guilt, but it would serve as a tourniquet and slow down everything that was happening.

Jungle Grrrl sat on the edge of her bed, not unlike how she sat in her backyard, staring at the door of her hotel room. The animal inside had been training all day. The animal did not easily rest or sleep. The animal, once awakened, wanted to run free until it could be caged no more. The animal held one desire. The animal wanted to run through that door, into the Belasco Theater, decimate the Beverly Hills Babe once more, and hold the spoils for all to see. No one knew what the animal could truly do. They’d only witnessed a fraction of its capabilities. Even after fifteen-plus-years in the industry, the animal only unleashed a small percentage of what it could do--of the damage it could inflict. After a few moments of the internal struggle, Jungle Grrrl silenced the animal until it purred. Then, she slept.

Beverly Hills Babe returned to her lavish quarters at Lana Star’s humble abode. She nestled into her 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, down-comforter with feathers imported from exotic birds all over the globe, and cloud-soft pillows. Before she brought down her sleeping mask, she looked up at the ceiling. It was not the textured ceiling she’d grown accustomed to in her apartment back in Charlotte. The air conditioned breeze flowed through her room flawlessly. Not like the humid North Carolina air that would grip her in the middle of the night as she left her window open each night because her central air did not function. Life was different, but then again, that’s what she wanted. Wasn’t it? North Carolina. Dirt bikes. Santana. If she didn’t win--if she didn’t become champion--none of it mattered. It was all for naught. She couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t let the hard work, the sweat, the tears, the botox, the sacrifice end up for nothing. She took a deep breath, put on her sleeping mask, and fell into a trance-like sleep.

In less than 24 hours, history was sure to be made … but neither Jungle Grrrrl or Beverly Hills Babe, nor even Lana Star could envision what was going to happen!