Feb 13, 2017


The WOW Friday Night Fight Series was created out of the fans demand to enjoy wrestling like the good old days: up close, personal, and affordable--simple, old-school fun. The series was also designed to allow newcomers and independent talent a chance to showcase their abilities in hopes of becoming a WOW Superhero. The FNF VI, that took place on January 27th in Long Beach, California delivered on all accounts.

The fans in attendance witnessed The Bully Busters--Keta Rush and Stephy Slays--putting aside their differences to once again come together as a tag team. After advancing in the tournament by defeating their opponents, Keta and Stephy stood in the ring, grabbed the championship belts from David McLane, and placed them around their waists. Keta announced, “The Bully Busters are going all the way.” Then, Stephy noted, “This is your sneak peek at who will be wearing these championship belts on May 11th in downtown Los Angeles.”

The Dagger, who has quickly become one to watch in WOW, defeated Katarina Winter. “Katarina is strong and bold, much like me,” stated The Dagger. “I have a lot of respect for her and think she could be a powerful addition to the WOW roster. I’m going to talk to her about an idea I have.” The Dagger added after the match.

In her first singles match in some time, Southern Pride’s Jesse Jones stepped into the ring against 30-year ring veteran, Malia Hosaka. This match was an old-fashioned barnburner with fans immediately booing Malia upon her entrance. Front row fans had to leap for safety when Jesse Jones whipped Malia into the ringside barricades during their battle. Malia won the match after smashing Jesse Jones in the face with a vicious double kick. Adding insult to her profession, Malia insured her victory by illegally using the ropes for leverage to pin Jesse Jones.

In the evening's Main Event, Jungle Grrrl faced the new protégé of The Fabulous Lana Star: The Beverly Hills Babe (formerly known as Amber O’Neal).  The winner of this match advances to wrestle WOW World Champion, Santana Garrett in Los Angeles on May 11th at the Belasco Theater.  

This match represented the penultimate phase of Lana Star’s master plan to secure the world championship. With Lana Star in The Beverly Hills Babe’s corner, Jungle Grrrl knew she would need additional help in securing the victory. Jungle Grrrl promised fans a special surprise at ringside to help her foil Lana Star’s plans. After nearly 15 minutes of action, which included Lana Star tripping Jungle Grrrl as she attempted her patented Splash and distractions on several occasions, Jungle Grrrl managed to eliminate Lana Star with a headbutt. Then, she hit the Queen of the Jungle Splash on The Beverly Hills Babe for the victory.

Jungle Grrrl’s victory sets the stage for what many fans are saying is the most anticipated women’s wrestling match in the sport. Jungle Grrrl, the former WOW Champion that has never had her shoulders pinned to the mat against the most decorated independent wrestling star of the industry and new WOW Champion, Santana Garrett on May 11th in the Belasco Theater in LA. (Secure your advance General Admission tickets to this event here)

Oh, and who was the special surprise Jungle Grrrl promised to be at ringside helping her?  It was her son, nicknamed by David McLane, Jungle Boy.  It was the first time Jungle Grrrl’s son witnessed his mother wrestling in-person.  Jungle Boy was thrilled, shouting into the mic after the match, “Mommy, now it’s time to get the golden belt back from Santana Garrett!”