Mar 30, 2017

Friend or Foes?: What Led to Stephy Slays and Keta Rush Wrestling Each Other?

From the moment they set foot in the WOW ring, they formed one of the strongest bonds. Keta Rush and Stephy Slays shared parallel lives, similar struggles, and a tremendous amount of hardship. Initially, they bonded over their shared history of bullying. When Keta opened up to Stephy and intimated that she founded her own charity known as ‘The Bully Buster Movement’, Stephy felt like she had found a kindred spirit. Stephy joined Keta in the movement, and the two became good friends.

From there, they would take their bruises, hits, and slams side-by-side in that ring. Keta would help Stephy throw the perfect drop kick. Meanwhile, Stephy taught Keta how to counter a body slam. They thrived off of one another and grew as teammates. It seemed the sky was the limit for The Bully Busters. However, upon the horizon, there lurked struggles for these two athletes.

After WOW wrapped filming of season 2 and 3, Keta engaged in serious mixed-martial-arts training to enhance her wrestling abilities and diversify her mat techniques. While Keta trained in MMA, Stephy continued her wrestling training under the guidance of ‘The Real Deal’ Selina Majors. While the two had their lives and careers diverging in two different paths, it seemed as though they had fallen apart as wrestling partners and possibly friends. The drifting of their friendship intensified when WOW resumed filming for its fourth season.

Seeds of dissent became planted in the minds of people outside the friendship when Stephy and Keta arrived in Palm Springs for Comic Con where fans poured in to see their favorite Superheroes. At the event, Keta and Stephy signed autographs but rarely laughed together. Then, during one training session at the Palm Springs event, Keta warned Stephy Slays to beware of The Dagger and others getting close to her. She added, not everyone is as they may appear. Stephy thought Keta was possibly paranoid rather than providing her valuable wisdom.  Clearly, the rifts between the two fan favorites strained their friendship.

Despite all of these goings-on, Keta and Stephy agreed to enter the tournament to crown the new WOW World Tag Team Champions with a match scheduled for the Friday Night Fight Series in Long Beach. However, Keta also had her sights set on singles glory. In her MMA training, Keta crossed paths with a fighter that discredited Keta as a fighter and a wrestler. The fighter claimed Keta stood no match for her, and said she could not only dominate the world of MMA but professional wrestling as well. Offended by this MMA fighter’s brash words, Keta stood up for her sport and herself. She decided to end the bullying of this MMA fighter and challenged her to an MMA exhibition during WOW’s marquee event at the Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The fighter accepted.

All looked good for Keta to have a MMA match in WOW until David McLane learned the State Athletic Commission would not sanction the MMA fight during a wrestling event.  So, while WOW ruled that it proudly supports Keta’s MMA exploits outside of WOW, it exclusively promotes professional wrestling and would not sanction an MMA fight. This left Keta without a match at WOW’s grand event.

Stephy, concerned her friend Keta Rush wouldn’t have a match, made a proposition to Keta with WOW Matchmaker, David McLane, present. “I’ll wrestle you Keta,” Stephy proposed. “This way you will have a match.” Keta laughed off the offer. She explained to Stephy she had more training, and it wouldn’t be a fair contest. Stephy listened to the excuses, and then asked Keta if she wouldn’t accept the match, because she was afraid of losing? This one question drew the line between the two competitors.  Keta quickly responded by telling David McLane to book the match.

Now, Stephy and Keta have been pitted against each other, slotted to face off, and will oppose each other for the first time. Fans have begun to ask questions. Is there animosity between the Bully Busters? Will Keta Rush enter the ring with a newfound passion and fire due to her MMA background? Will Stephy Slays continue to be the loyal friend she has been for all of these years? And finally, are Keta and Stephy friends or foes?