Mar 07, 2016

Jungle Grrrl is Hungry

Self-styled ‘high-flyer’ Jungle Grrrl admits to being powered by hunger – and that pain is resulting in the Queen Of The Splash changing the perception of women’s wrestling for good. 

Jungle Grrrl is adamant, “I am hungry,” she insists.  It’s a deep feeling in my gut that drives me to improve, to achieve all I can.  It’s a constant hunger to be the best.  Indeed, having written the book,  “Eat That Monkey,” Jungle Grrrl showcases the steps to transform ones body, mind, and soul to gain the most out of one’s life.  

Said to be the women’s version of Tony Robbins, Jungle Grrrl packs a powerful punch when it comes to body slamming life’s obstacles that often get in the way of succeeding in life.  “I’m motivated and stay hungry so to never become complacent, “ Stated Jungle Grrrl. 

“I’m on a journey in life. WOW is part of that journey.  I put pressure on myself and when it comes to aspiring to reach a goal, I won’t be satisfied until I the have the championship and pride of knowing I’ve done my best, Jungle Grrrl explained.   

Women, including many of the WOW Supeheroes are inspired by Jungle Grrrl and are turning towards the athlete/wrestler/self-help guru as being emblematic of positive thinking, dedicated change and what is possible by being focused….and of course being hungry.