Jan 10, 2017

Keta Rush brings the WOW to the Glory Kickboxing ring

Keta Rush Q&A sheds light on WOW-GLORY Relationship and Historic Event.

1. First, what do you think of GLORY Kickboxing?
Keta: Glory is the top kickboxing organization in the world and I have been following them for years and have been a complete fan.  I have coaches and friends who have competed and they're the top of the top of kick boxers. And interesting enough, I have friends that are competing that night so it's really exciting to be able to be part of history with them.

2. We understand this historic night of wrestling and kickboxing may have you to thank, is that true?
Keta: GLORY’s CEO, Jon Franklin was looking at our WOW Superheroes website, WOWE.com and learned my background in mixed martial arts and kickboxing.  He reached out to me about possibly participating in GLORY. Jon’s idea was totally outside the box of thinking, he saw an opportunity to merge the success of our WOW fan base with the audience that loves GLORY Kickboxing.  I reached out to David McLane and connected Jon and David.

3. What a day, did the enormous possibilities of this unique event sink in?
Keta: I was beyond honored to have received the correspondence and ecstatic to be possibly part of something so huge. My fingers were crossed that WOW and GLORY would make it happen…however I didn’t immediately know. But after speaking to David I knew it was going to happen.

4. This is clearly history in the making, how do you feel about the gravity about being the first pro wrestler ever to have a match in a kickboxing event?
Keta: Well, I’m the first of two wrestlers. Stephy Slays is breaking new ground with me. And I am sure she is excited and I know I’m feeling amazing. Being a kick boxer and a professional wrestler as well as a jujitsu competitor, it’s been a dream of mine to be able to merge my skills in one setting and my dream just came true. That’s amazing!

5. You mentioned Stephy Slays.  You two have been friends and part of the Bully Busters tag team; it seems unique that you both are competing against each other. Can you explain?
Keta: Fans will see in Season 4 of WOW that drops next month how we ended up wrestling each other. We both are so passionate about what we do and train very hard which ups the antidote and causes frictions sometimes. This is our rubber match. David is the matchmaker and he booked the match. All the fans should know that yes, we are friends, but we are competitors first. I know that Stephy will have her family and fans in the audience, as will I. We are in it to win it.

6. With that, do you have a prediction?
Keta: I have two predictions. The fans are going to be standing and cheering for their favorite to win. And the winner is going to be me. I’m going to give it my all and this time Stephy won’t beat me.

7. Anything else?
Keta: Yes, you better get your tickets if you haven’t because this will be a sell out!


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