Apr 24, 2017


Love her or hate her, no one can deny how The Fabulous Lana Star has maneuvered her way into becoming one of the most powerful people in entertainment. In the ring, she dominated as a crafty, athletically-gifted competitor able to out-wrestle and outsmart her opponents en route to becoming the longest-reigning World Champion in WOW history. Outside of the ring, she established herself as a brand ambassador for several globally recognized companies and a successful actress taking Hollywood by storm. It seemed as though Lana Star had the world wrapped around her finger. That was, until Season 3 of WOW reached its climax.

When WOW’s third season reached its final episode, Lana Star had defeated the likes of Sunshine and Spike to stake her claim as the greatest World Champion in women’s wrestling. However, she had one more challenger to defeat before beginning her celebrations in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Downtown Los Angeles. That challenger was Jungle Grrrl. Jungle Grrrl ran through Amber O’Neal and had multiple run-ins with Tatevik the Gamer before--finally--being able to declare herself the number one contender to the WOW World Title. Then, in their historic match-up, Jungle Grrrl did what seemingly no one thought possible: she pinned Lana Star’s shoulders to the mat and became the new World Champion of WOW. From that moment, Lana Star had one thing on her mind: Vengeance.

As Season 4 drew closer, fans anticipated the marquee match would be Lana Star invoking her rematch clause to challenge Jungle Grrrl to the World Championship again. However, WOW matchmaker, David McLane, received information from Lana’s physician informing him that Lana suffered an injury that would keep her out for an entire season. Lana and David had several discussions, arguments, debates, and altercations regarding the situation with Lana’s injury, but ultimately, as a precaution for safety, the state athletic commission and the Women’s Wrestling Association (WWA) refused to authorize any rematch for Lana Star. It appeared as though Season 4 would be WOW’s first without the Fabulous One.

Then, in the opening minutes of Season 4’s first episode, Lana Star exited a limousine with the self-proclaimed greatest attorney in the world, Sophia Lopez, and set rumor mills ablaze. Even David McLane himself questioned the association between Lana and Sophia. For weeks, fans watched Season 4 hoping to learn any new developments. However, it wasn’t until episode 3, in which the tournament to crown new World Tag Team Champions began, that we would learn more jaw-dropping facts.

In episode 3, Lana Star appeared at ringside during the match between Caged Heat and The All American Girls. As Santana Garrett had the match in control for her team, Lana Star sauntered around ringside. She stopped to whisper in the ear of Sophia Lopez. As Lana and Sophia spoke, Sophia handed Lana her signature briefcase, and Lana continued her walk around the ring. Then, Lana began talking to Santana Garrett’s partner, Amber O’Neal. Lana handed Amber the briefcase. Amber entered the ring, as the referee was distracted, and slammed the loaded briefcase against the head of her own tag team partner, Santana Garrett. The referee counted the pinfall, and Caged Heat advanced in the tournament. Furthermore, The All American Girls disintegrated before our very eyes.

Lana, then, took it upon herself to rechristen Amber O’Neal as the “Beverly Hills Babe.”

To make matters worse, Lana Star unveiled her three new associates: WOW legend, Riot, and her psychopathic posse. Riot and her associates performed a Triple Powerbomb onto Santana Garrett causing a neck injury that appears to have sidelined Santana indefinitely.

Lana took the Beverly Hills Babe under her wing. Lana took her to the hottest stores on Rodeo Drive. Lana took Beverly Hills Babe to the finest restaurants, bought her the most expensive things in every store and every restaurant, and even encouraged Beverly Hills Babe to undergo plastic surgery ‘touch ups.” Lana molded the Beverly Hills Babe into everything she wanted to be. Her plan had gone perfectly.

Lana managed to take out Santana Garrett, the woman handpicked to be the next number one contender to the World Championship in Lana’s absence. Lana turned Santana’s own partner against her. She brought in three thugs to initiate an assault on Santana Garrett. She forced Santana Garrett into the back of an ambulance just so Santana couldn’t compete in a match with Jungle Grrrl for the WOW World Championship.

Once Santana was out of the picture, Lana and Sophia surprised David McLane with their copy of Lana’s World Championship contract. The contract, apparently, stated that if Lana were to find herself incapable and unable of wrestling for the championship, she had the right to name a proxy--or replacement. David McLane and the WOW audience members were shocked. No one could believe that Lana Star could accomplish all of this.

It took the help of Sophia Lopez, Caged Heat, Riot, Riot’s thugs, and the Beverly Hills Babe to make Lana’s dream come true, but true it has become.

Now, we stand on the precipice of another historic World Championship contest. Jungle Grrrl will no longer be defending against Santana Garrett. Now, Jungle Grrrl must enter the ring with the Beverly Hills Babe once again. This time, however, Beverly Hills Babe has Lana Star in her corner. Is this what it takes to knock the animalistic predator of WOW off of her pedestal? Could Lana Star and the Beverly Hills Babe be a part of the most feared assembly of Superheroes WOW has ever seen? Plus, if we see a victory for Beverly Hills Babe, who will walk out wearing the World Championship? Will Beverly Hills Babe get to taste the gold? Will Lana Star take the belt for her mantle? So many questions surround the World Championship of WOW. What could possibly happen next?