Apr 12, 2017


Following a live event sanctioned by the Women’s Wrestling Association (WWA) at the Belasco Theater in beautiful downtown Los Angeles, special guests ‘The Governor’s Daughter’ Abilene Maverick and ‘The All-Natural’ Khloe Hurtz departed in class and style in similar limousines. The limousines appeared so similar, however, that even their occupants could not decipher the difference.

Khloe Hurtz entered her luxurious limousine expecting to be greeted by the well-oiled pectorals of her Ring Rats. Instead, she was met with the confused gaze of Abilene Maverick’s boyfriend, Preston, as he sat holding a carton of Abilene’s favorite ice cream and two spoons. The two awkwardly exchanged glances with one another, but the driver speed off before either could clarify the mix-up.

‘The Governor’s Daughter’ waved and blew kisses at fans as she departed the Belasco. Then, she opened the door to her stretch limousine. Prepared to see her favorite guy and her favorite dessert, Abilene felt dismayed to see a Ring Rat-King partying with loud music, champagne, party favors, and beach balls. Through gritted teeth, ‘The Governor’s Daughter’ assertively instructed the Ring Rats to exit the limo so that she may enter the vehicle and uncover what happened to her ride, her man, and her dessert.

Khloe primped and pampered herself in a pocket mirror before realizing Preston held a delectable dessert in his hands. Khloe demanded the ice cream from Preston. Preston refused. Khloe snatched the ice cream from him, but the treat had melted inside its container and the liquid mass spilled all over the gorgeous white attire of ‘The All-Natural’. A furious Khloe Hurtz demanded Preston handle the situation. With no other options, Khloe made it imperative that Preston return to her yacht, clean the dress, and make the situation right. Almost captive at this juncture in the evening, Preston obliged in hopes that he may be reunited with ‘The Governor’s Daughter’ before this night grew any crazier. When the limo stopped the two emerged from the limo to learn the driver had taken them to Abilene’s mansion.

Upon reaching Abilene’s home, Khloe demanded the dress be cleaned.  Little did anyone know Abilene marched inside just as Khloe was handing her dress to Preston. No one could be certain if Abilene were more frustrated over the sight of her Preston in the same room as a half-naked Khloe Hurtz or the loss of her favorite evening snack. Regardless, the frustration boiled over, and ‘The Governor’s Daughter’ unleashed a fury the likes of which WOW fans have never seen outside of the ring.

A brawl broke out in the lavish home of Khloe Hurtz. In the end, ‘The Governor’s Daughter’ launched an all-out assault on ‘The All-Natural’. The attack ceased when Abilene launched Khloe Hurtz into her own pool out in her backyard. Following the soaking of Khloe, Abilene collected her boyfriend and yelled, call her a taxi!