Apr 04, 2016

Santana Travels the World

When it comes to traveling the world to wrestle, they don’t come with many more miles and passport stamps than Santana Garrett right now.  The second generation all-American wrestling darling from the sunshine state of Florida has traveled this year to Portugal, England and Japan three times, as well as to over 21 States as she competes on the independent wrestling market. 

The clamor for women’s wrestling eclipses any time in our history and Santana is taking full advantage of the fan’s demand to see skilled competitions.

Santana is quickly becoming an international star, but she still holds wrestling for the WOW organization her top priority.  “I am proud to be a part of WOW,” said Santana. “WOW is really different from any other organization I’ve wrestled in, and I mean that in a good way … it’s more like a sisterhood of people all focused on a goal to make the promotion succeed.” 

Santana will return to WOW in September 2016.