Apr 10, 2017

Southern Pride vs. Riot's new team: Spike and Razor

The WOW Friday Night Fight Series became a breeding ground for the animosity and acrimony that existed between the already famous foes of WOW - Women of Wrestling. The hottest rivalry in WOW belonged to Selina Majors and Riot’s squadron of hoodlums. Selina Majors found herself on the wrong end of a lopsided attack at the hand of Riot and henchwomen. After the malicious beatdown, Selina Majors put in a call to the one person she knew would have her back: Jessie Jones. Upon receiving the phone call, Jessie informed Selina her truck needed repairs, but she would hop a Greyhound bus and get to Los Angeles as quickly as she could.

Jessie endured a cramped bus for days on end with the only the thought of Riot’s beatdown fueling her to make it to the City of Angels. The ride was long, stressful, and testing, but Jessie knew Selina needed her, and she had no choice but to provide the backup The Real Deal needed.

Finally, Jessie disembarked the Greyhound with cramped legs, an empty stomach, and a fire in her heart. Selina Majors awaited The Baroness of Bardstown as she stepped off of the bus with her signature white boots. Selina sat on the tailgate of her pickup truck with the California sunshine beaming down on her. Had it not been for the attack from which she was recovering, she may have been able to enjoy it a bit more. The first thing Jessie Jones asked about after embracing The Real Deal related to the local dining scene. Jessie hoped to take part in a delicious meal at a local Waffle House like they have back home in the Bourbon Capital of Bardstown. However, Selina broke the bad news to Jessie that Waffle House had little-to-no locations in Los Angeles. One restaurant seemingly located everywhere in the United States, though, is Denny’s, and that’s where the two decided to feast while they awaited battle.

Selina and Jessie sat down, ate their Grand Slams and Moons Over Mi-Ham-i, and commiserated about old times. Soon, their discussions turned to the brutal nature of Riot and her acolytes. Selina’s laughing immediately stopped. Jessie nodded stoically as the server laid the check at their table. “I’m sick of it, Jessie.” Selina spoke with a tone that conveyed nothing but unmitigated disgust. “We need to beat some respect into those punks.”

Jessie took a long, deep breath. “I know what you mean.” She shrugged her shoulders. 

“Hey enough of them for now, you’re in LA, let’s go have some fun!” Selina shouted in her loud Southern drawl as she sipped on the last remaining drops of her Diet Pepsi.