Jan 11, 2016


She’s a Student By Day…

Ah, the young, industrious student. The Superhero Pantheon is full of them: There’s Spider-Man, who is really the painfully shy Peter Parker; Super Girl, who once attended Midvale High School as Linda Lee Danvers; and finally, Buffy, who slept through classes by day so she could slay vampires by night.

And Steph Slays, WOW’s youngest Superhero, is putting them all to shame. The Wonder Girl started with WOW when she was a mere high school senior. And this past September she was training for WOW full time in Vegas, while also starting her freshman year in Business Administration and Marketing at Glendale Community College and holding down two other part-time jobs.

Did Peter Parker hold down two part-time jobs, while enveloping the World in sticky webs?

We don’t think so.

She Fights For A Good Cause: Busting Bullies

This WOW Wonder Girl was bullied as a teen. And, so, along with tag team partner KETA RUSH, she’s set her athletic prowess to busting bullies on – and off – the ring. At schools throughout LA she and Keta teach kids how to stand up to bullies and, if it comes to it, how to protect themselves.

She Has Sick Superhero Moves

The  Jaw Dropper and the  Simply Wonderful are just two of the amazing moves this high-flyer uses to defeat her foes