Feb 20, 2017


After Announcing a New World Champions Fan's Shout, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!"

WOW’s third season finds the Fabulous Lana Star in the difficult position of having to fend off challengers to her World Championship. Also, ‘The Real Deal’ Selina Majors, decides it is about time to teach a little respect to the new generation of WOW Superheroes. Selina’s first move was to slap some respect into Thug’s niece, Spike, and introduce us to her family member: Jesse Jones. Together, Jesse Jones and Selina Majors dubbed themselves ‘Southern Pride’. While on the other side of the ring, Jungle Grrrl--the only WOW competitor to never have her shoulders pinned to the mat--continues her journey of 14 years to pursue the World Championship.

In the tag team division, Caged Heat--Loca and Delta Lotta Pain--find themselves chasing the new world champions: The All American Girls--Amber O’Neal and Santana Garrett. Caged Heat’s plans include a rematch for the championship and a powerful argument made by their attorney, Sophia Lopez (the self-proclaimed “Greatest Attorney in the World”). Sophia argues that the tag team championship should belong to Caged Heat. Although a shock to many, Sophia’s claims are compelling and possibly merit a review by WOW’s governing body: The Women’s Wrestling Association (WWA).

When the final episode of Season 3 airs, fans will witness WOW’s original Superheroes, the Queen of the Splash--Jungle Grrrl--battling The Fabulous Lana Star for her crowned jewel: The WOW World Championship. After taking a mirror to the head, slamming, and splashing personal assistant Kitty, Jungle Grrrl manages to finish off Lana Star with a victory splash. With her emotional celebration--including her son congratulating his mother by way of satellite television--WOW fans rose to their feet with the chant, “It’s About Time!”

With the biggest victory of her career, Jungle Grrrl now becomes the hunted in Season 4. See Jungle Grrrl in her first championship defense and learn if Sophia Lopez is successful in overturning The All American Girls’ championship victory all in Season 4, exclusively here on WOWE.com.