Jan 26, 2017

WOW Season 4 Trailer

Jungle Grrrl returns as the new World Champion. Lana Star is denied her contracted championship rematch by WOW Matchmaker, David McLane, and as revenge, Lana sets in motion a series of events that will forever change the landscape of WOW-WOMEN OF WRESTLING.

The All-American Girls Tag Team Championship Titles will be challenged by Sophia Lopez … see what the Commission decides and how Sophia reacts. It will surprise you! Will newcomer, The All Natural Khloe Hurtz shine or come up all wet? Will The Dagger slice her way to the championship?

Will Selina Majors finally get her respect? Will The Governor's Daughter, Abilene Maverick steal the show? Bully Busters, Keta Rush and Stephy Slays friendship is challenged. And learn why RIOT returns to WOW.

Which WOW Superhero will be brought to their knees and which Superhero will be handed the world championship belt as the final bell rings in Season 4? See it all when Season 4 is released on February 28th exclusively on WOWE.com.

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