Oct 07, 2016

A New WOW World Champion Is Crowned

On September 29th, 2016, the capacity crowd at the historic Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles witnessed a night of twists, turns and surprises in the WOW - Women Of Wrestling live event showcase. The WOW Superheroes delivered everything you've come to expect from WOW and a new WOW World Champion was crowned.

The live event included favorite returning Superheroes Lana StarKeta RushCaged Heat's Loca and Delta Lotta PainStephanie La Maravillosa and more. It also saw the debut of The “All-Natural“ Khloe Hurtz facing off against the unpinned and undefeated Jungle Grrrl in the WOW ring for a shot at the WOW World Championship title. The exchange of slams, smashes and splashes showcased the technical skill and sheer strength of both athletes, but ultimately Jungle Grrrl reigned supreme.

The evening presented new superheroes, opening the door to the next generation of fans and fighters. Fans at the historic Belasco Theater were treated to the lethal, yet mysterious Dagger and the terrifying lunacy of Holidead. But, perhaps the most surprising new addition to the WOW Superheroes universe was the tag team known as The Psy-Co Sisters, a maniacal, violent duo formed by WOW legend Riot.

The former world champion, The Fabulous Lana Star, was responsible for Riot’s return (and the biggest surprise of the night) by orchestrating a plot to regain her championship belt. Lana's plot included an unlikely alliance between herself, Caged Heat’s self proclaimed, “World Greatest Attorney,” Sophia Lopez and Amber O’Neal.  Lana’s plan, while shocking and must see TV, did not result in her holding the championship belt. 

In a stunning series of events Jungle Grrrl, Santana Garrett and her friend-turned-foe Amber O’Neal battled in WOW’s first triple threat match. The evening's climax of battles, brawls and backstabbing ended with Santana Garrett standing alone in the ring holding the WOW World Championship title belt.

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