Dec 20, 2015

7 Gifs That Prove Why JUNGLE GRRRL Is Queen Of The Splash

If Twitter existed when Jungle Grrrl debuted during the first season of WOW - Women of Wrestling, surely fans would have agreed that her Queen of the Splash finisher slayed the competition. The aerial maneuver is unlike any other seen on the WOW roster and we’ve put together the clips that best capture it in all its glory.

1.) It starts in your head.

Any of Jungle Grrrl’s many victims can attest to the fact that the Splash is just as psychological as it is physical. When Jungle Grrrl stalks into the ring with her athletic build on full display, it’s not just about the spectacle. It’s foreshadowing. She’s going to climb the ropes with those muscular legs and it’s not going end well for you.

2.) Next comes the pain.

She puts the mind games on hold for a minute to get purely physical. One of the most important components of Jungle Grrrl’s Queen of the Splash is getting that opponent laid out in the middle of the ring. Sometimes this means with a slam, as seen above with Bronco Billie…


Other times it’s a brutal superplex off the top rope. You know, whatever works.

4.) The suspense builds.

Once Jungle Grrrl’s finished with her slams, suplexes, and kicks, the mental game is back on. Behaving like any true cat, wild or domestic, she climbs each rope with grace and bad intentions.


She’s got the height. She’s got the balance. She’s got her prey. Jungle Grrrl launches from the top rope and destroys her victim. Sorry, Jade.

6.) Don’t forget the pin.

But what really makes Jungle Grrrl the Queen of the Splash, is the moment that she snaps out of her world and back into reality. This is a wrestling competition after all and no finisher is complete without a pin and win.

7.) Who’s next?

Jungle Grrrl’s used the Splash to reign over WOW for over a decade, but can the Queen keep her throne? Who has she targeted as her next prey and will this finisher be enough for the kill? Stay tuned.