Jan 22, 2016

Azucar Enjoys Some Sweet, Sweet Travels in Mexico

“People go crazy for Lucha Libre in Mexico,” says WOW Superhero AZUCAR explaining how her homeland’s take on wrestling is its most popular sport second only to soccer.

 “If you go to a Lucha Libre match in Mexico it’s where you will see people at their most raw. The matches are about good versus evil, so people come together to cheer or to boo the fighters. The fans leave all their emotions in the ring.”

As a little girl growing up in Mexico City, Azucar was one of those fans, cheering and booing from the sidelines with her mother as she watched masked warriors play out the universal fight of the Good versus the Bad. The little girl was so moved by the action and athleticism she vowed to one day be a luchadora or “fighter”, a masked warrior who would make opponents quake in the ring.

Decades later, Azucar - the Grown Woman is doing that, representing her Mexican culture every time she makes an appearance as the mysterious masked Warrior of WOW. From the making of her mask (hand-crafted by a traditional mask maker from Mexico) to the little embroidered flowers that adorn her Superhero suit, Azucar’s costume is a tribute to national pride. Captain America suit flaunts stars and stripes; her masks channels El Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, a holiday that is celebrated widely in her homeland.

And it’s in this spirit of national pride that the “Sweet Sensation” decided to hit the road this December and January, leaving Los Angeles for a month to road-trip around her native Mexico. With the World’s best sidekick at her side – her MOM – Azucar travelled to some of Mexico’s most historic sites and peeked into some of its most beautiful nooks and crannies, posing in her mask, whenever possible.

“I think it’s really important to live life to the fullest,” she says of her decision to make the trip. “It’s easy to find a reason for why we can’t do something in life – we don’t have the time or the money…but you can always find a way! The hard part is making the decision to do it.”

Below are some photos from Azucar’s sweet, sweet, superheroic travels. Enjoy them like you would a lovely, sweet, sticky dessert. Azucar would approve!

1) Mexico City and the Zócalo

Founded by the Aztecs in 1325, Mexico City or Tenochtitlan was one of the biggest, if not the biggest city in the world, when it was conquered by the Spanish in the 1500s. Our Superhero starts her journey here by posing with two costumed performers on the Zócoalo, the city’s central square. “When these two saw my mask they were like, “WOW!” They got what I was doing right away and posed for this picture with me.”

 2) Posing with Don Quijote in Guanajuato

From Mexico City, the mother-daughter tag team headed northwest on the La Ruta de la Independencia, a journey that takes you to some of Mexico’s prettiest colonial cities – all old stone monuments and cobblestone streets. They stopped in Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende and - finally– Guanajuato, where Azucar said she couldn’t resist the urge to pose with another street performer – the famous Don Quijote from the famous Spanish nnovel of the same name(left). Next was a visit to El Pipila, a historic site central to the Mexican War of Independence from the Spanish.

 3) Even Superheroes Need To Snooze

“Mexico is so diverse and so beautiful,” says the Sweet Sensation. “There are mountains to the north and jungle to the south and beaches on the Pacific Coast…” Now returned to Mexico City, MOM and daughter set off again, but this time for the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful beachside city of Nuevo Vallarta.

“Everywhere you go in Mexico you see something that has to do with Lucha Libre,” says Azucar, referencing the mural of a masked warrior she posed beside in Nuevo Vallarta (left). Azucar hosted a night of comedy while in town, but the trip couldn’t all be work with no play. Her Superheroic hosting duties done, the Sweet One enjoyed a much-needed rest in a little cabana by the beach (right.)

Ahh! Life. It sure is sweet.