Aug 15, 2015

Caged Heat’s Loca Drops Jumpsuit for Charity Work

If you’re a WOW Superfan, you’re probably more than a little familiar with CAGED HEAT’s origin story: Wrongly convicted for robbing a convenience store in Las Vegas, Nevada over a decade ago, the tag team duo spent years on the inside…until Sophia Lopez, the World’s Best Attorney, stepped forward to clear their charges - and their names.

But the years behind bars took their toll on LOCA and DELTA LOTTA PAIN. In order to survive, these women became the toughest, the sneakiest, the most ferocious inmates in the yard. And whenever they were granted parole to fight in a WOW – Women of Wrestling match, their devious, smash-mouthed style left opponents in a wake of devastation.

But as hardened as CAGED HEAT may seem on the outside, tag team member Loca says she and Delta are really just Antiheroes who are deeply misunderstood. And that’s why one of WOW’s fiercest heroes is reaching out regularly to do charity work in her LA neighborhood of Highland Park. Her most recent cause? Why pitbulls, of course - the toughest looking AND the most deeply misunderstood dogs in the Canine Universe.

“Pits are often misunderstood and misrepresented,” says Loca, who owns two that she rescued from a shelter herself. “Just because they are pits they are looked at differently,” she says. “But they are actually, very loving dogs. All they need is some love and acceptance, like any other person.”

Loca shows that love by caring for her canine sidekicks (affectionately named “Chola” and “Lockdown”) and by devoting time to her local shelter, where she helps to raise awareness about pits and other maligned canines. (In fact she says, she, LANA STAR and KITTY have formed a bit of a Superhero Pet Alliance: “I’m friends with the both of them and we all love animals.”)