Nov 07, 2015

Keta Rush Empowers the Next Generation of Superheroes

The greatest Superheroes among us are often those who use painful experiences as forces for good. And so it was for KETA RUSH. Just like BATMAN, who vowed to avenge his parent’s murders by devoting his life to fighting crime, Keta turned a traumatic childhood experience at the hand of schoolyard bullies, into telling the bullies of this World to beat it.

“I remember the day I got jumped,” says Keta, who is one half of WOW Superhero team, the Bully Busters. “I’m half black and I’m half Guatemalan and I was picked on for not being black enough and for not being Latin enough,” she says. “They literally beat me to a pulp and left me. Bullying is nothing any child should ever have to experience.”

That’s why – along with Bully-busting Superhero, Stephanie “ La Maravillosa”, Keta now uses her brains and brawn to fight bullies on – and off – the ring. Team Bully Buster is a non-profit organization founded by Keta. This week, the organization, which aims to educate children, teens and parents about bullying, kicked off its first Camp Bully Proof event in Pasadena, California.

“We show kids how to identify bullying, what steps to take if they are bullied and, if worse comes to worse, how to defend themselves,” says Keta, an all-star athlete and track star.

Like WOW, her organization encourages aspiring Superheroes of the World to be strong, be themselves and win!

“My experience made me the super hero I am today,” says Keta. “Now I have a voice and I stand up for what I believe in.”

WOW Superheroes JADE and WOW World Champion LANA STAR were also on hand to inspire kids at the event along with Disney network stars and other celebrities. Together they taught kids about the rush of empowerment that comes from standing up for yourself and for others - for standing strong in who you truly are.

Support for the WOW - Women of Wrestling event included Costco, Starbucks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

More stats on bullying and bully-busting:

  • In 2015, one out of every four students (22%) reported being bullied during the school year.

  • More than half of bullying situations (57 percent) stop when a peer becomes a Bully Buster (i.e. intervenes on behalf of the student being bullied).

  • School-based bullying prevention programs are known to decrease bullying by up to 25%.