Jun 16, 2015

Kitty Meow Touts the Virtue of Cat Adoption

If KITTY MEOW has one major superpower, it’s her ability to commune with animals. After all, the assistant to THE FABULOUS LANA STAR, is almost part feline herself.

Literally born under the Hollywood sign, Kitty knew what it was like to roam the wilds of Griffith Park in Los Angeles in search of fame and a good home from a young age. And having finally found a good job that has allowed her to indulge some of her most luxurious tastes, Kitty decided it was finally time to give back.

“I sympathize with all the other lost cats and kitten out there who needed a home," she said, explaining why she decided to head up The Cat Club, a cat adoption event in Los Angeles this week. The WOW Superhero Kitty gathered with fellow animal lovers in Beverly Hills to promote the 'Adopt, Don’t Shop' philosophy. “No cat should have to go without proper food and shelter,” she sighed.

And being the sly, media-savvy Superhero Kitty is, the Fabulous One’s personal assistant also provided shelters with tips on how to find homes for their feline homeless: “Make sure to take the ‘perr-fect’ photos of your cats and kittens” for your shelter’s website, Facebook and Instagram,” Kitty said. “It’s a trick straight out of Lana’s personal playbook. And believe me - that woman knows how to use her iPhone to attract attention!”