Nov 30, 2015

The Most .GIF-Worthy Moments Of The WOW Battle Royal

Battle Royals are one of the cornerstones of professional wrestling. They’re a recipe for chaos and strategy, teamwork and cut-throat competition. So it was only fitting that WOW officials decided to host a Battle Royal to determine their inaugural WOW World Champion. We put together just some of the many highlights:

The elimination of Slam Dunk

At 6’2”, Slam Dunk seemed the least likely to get eliminated over the top rope. But Beach Patrol, Selina Majors, and Roxy Powers saw an opportunity to team up and take her out early in the match:



Selina Major’s double clothesline

Even though Harley’s Angels had the numbers game in their favor, Selina Majors wasn’t going to let them stop her:

Thug and Selina Majors face off

Thug and Selina Majors took the Battle Royal as an opportunity to reignite their personal rivalry:

That steel chair

Thug handled her elimination the way a true villain should. Without skipping a beat, she grabbed the nearest steel chair and proceeded to beat Selina over the head with it:

Terri Gold’s close call

Ever the athlete, Terri Gold managed to hold onto the ropes, fend off BOTH Harley’s Angels, and flip her way back into the ring like it was no big deal:

Victory Pyro!

How else are you supposed to celebrate the crowning of the inaugural WOW World Champion?