Nov 15, 2015

Why WOW Superhero JADE Is A Total Saint

In professional wrestling there are good guys and bad guys and there’s no shortage of positive female role models on the WOW roster. But Jade takes being ‘good’ to entirely new level:

“Jade” is a symbol of goodness

Not only is Jade literally a great human, but she’s symbolically virtuous too. In Chinese culture, the jade stone itself represents benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, bravery, and purity. And sure enough, Jade the WOW Superhero checks off all those boxes.

She wrestles clean

Jade believes in a fair fight even at the expense of her own well-being. She never resorts to shady tactics and respects the rules of the squared circle.

Jade’s got grace for days

Sure, she takes her losses and injuries with dignity. But Jade also possesses grace in the more physical sense. Like every talented professional wrestler, she brings her skills from other fields of expertise into the ring. In the case of Jade, she uses her dance background to support her fighting style. It’s all about precision, balance, and making sure to weaken her opponent without seriously injuring them.

She makes family a priority

Some wrestlers keep the mentality of a prize-fighter. They’re all about the title and not much else. Not the case with Jade. She comes from a family of strong women and doing justice to their legacy is a big part of why she wrestles in the ring.

Jade takes losses like a champ

There’s no nice way to say it. But Jade never wins. Perhaps this constant underdog status is why she’s beloved by so many WOW fans. Leading through example, Jade inspires viewers to persevere in their own lives in spite of setbacks.

To watch some of Jade’s best matches and near victories, check out the WOW Superheroes on YouTube.