Jul 05, 2016


In the Beginning…

For as long as humans have walked the Earth, great heroes have been in our midst. The Greeks had Athena; Goddess of War. The Celts had Boudica, the Warrior Queen.  The Egyptians had Sekhmet, the Warrior Goddess. 

But there have been times when the world has cried out for these hero’s gifts. And times when the heroic among us have been forced underground and ignored. And so it was for many women in the wrestling Universe: for a long, long time these warriors’ gifts went unnoticed, their superpowers and secret talents hidden in plain view. 

A New Age Awakens

In a far, far away time known as the Late ‘60s, there was a turn in the tide of women’s wrestling. In decades prior, these Superheroes in disguise were treated as sideshow attractions. But wrestler’s with names like Dick the Bruiser possessed the ability to uncover the truth.

These women were not mere mortals.

And so Bruiser, and others took the Chosen Ones like Princess Jasmine under their wing and deployed them in battles the world over. From Japan to the Caribbean. Canada to Korea.

Wonder Women

Fast forward to Indianapolis, 1984. The only thing standing between a raucous audience and the promotion’s main event — the now seasoned warrior, Princess Jasmine facing off against Candi Devine. These Superheroes brought down the house, stealing the show, and captivating the attention of announcer David McLane.

McLane would gather these larger-than-life characters together, founding not only the Women’s Wrestling Association, but also a new televised women’s league. With the help of Princess Jasmine training New Recruits, “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling,” also known as GLOW was born.

An Outsider’s Allegiance

While Bruiser and McLane were accustomed to the spectacle of these cosmic bouts, these wrestling Superheroes were new to Jeanie Buss. They resembled the Wonder Woman and Supergirl comics that captured her imagination as a child. They’d inspire her to join forces and help launch the next generation of WOW—Women of Wrestling when the world needed them most… 

WOW Superheroes — A League of Their Own

The evils of the Eraser still loom over the pages of Women’s Wrestling history, threatening every trailblazing Superhero that dared to fight. Daring to dream beyond the sideshow and into the Main Event.

On March 1, 2016 the WOW Superheroes are coming to cement their legacy. They’re here to take those penciled stories and battles. Render them in ink once and for all.

They’ll fight for justice. They’ll fight for respect. But most of all, they’ll fight to prove which of them deserves to be the WOW World Champion.

WOW - Women of Wrestling. The Golden Age starts now: Season 2 Episodes