Abilene Maverick

The Heart of Texas

Born in College Station, Texas--the home of Texas A&M University--Abilene Maverick represents the fighting spirit of the Aggies. When they weren’t part of “the 12th man,” Abilene’s family would sit around the TV on Saturday mornings and watch wrestling. She loved to see her Dad cheer the good guys. As her family watched wrestling, her Dad was able to instill a set of values in her upbringing. There was a clear distinction between good and evil. “There’s always a right way to win” is the mantra, given to her by her father, that Abilene follows when she enters the ring. As a girl, Abilene and her siblings would vie for their father’s attention, but it was Abilene, the tomboy of the family, that became the apple of her father’s eye. They would play sports together, dance together, and watch wrestling together. They were inseparable. However, during her final year of college, Abilene’s father suddenly passed away right in front of the TV. Now, Abilene believes that her father looks down from “the best seat in the house,” and cheers her on as she proves to be a role model for people of all ages.


Caldwell, TX

Fighting Style:

Technical wrestler that enjoys involving the fans in fun, unique ways

Signature Moves:

Wake Up Call, Square Dance, Mechanical Bull


Dallas Cowboys, Texas A&M Aggies, Outdoors, Time with family


Rude people, People that disrespect their family


Don’t mess with Texas!, There’s a right way to win.

Surprise Facts:

Despite her busy schedule as a WOW Superhero, Abilene still makes time for family dinners and attending Cowboys games with those closest to her.

Friends and Foes: