Amber O'Neal

The Queen of Queen City

She hails from the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina--the epicenter of professional wrestling. Amber O’Neal witnessed the greatest wrestlers in the world as a young woman. Amber would watch stars like Dusty Rhodes and the Four Horsemen, and idolize them. Now, Amber O’Neal stands as one of the most experienced and seasoned in-ring veterans in all of wrestling. She has joined WOW, because it is the only organization around that places women first and allows them to be Superheroes. The in-ring knowledge that Amber O’Neal brings to the table is surpassed by none. Amber’s ring savvy sets her apart from the competition. She brings that experience and knowledge to WOW not only as a way to earn championships and her own success, but to help other women that have chosen to follow in her footsteps.


The Queen City of Charlotte, NC

Fighting Style:


Signature Moves:

Kickstand, Sweet Amber, Queen City Stretch


Motorcycles, Dogs, Beaches, Travel


Unmotivated people, Boredom


You got nothin’ on me!, I’m the Queen of Queen City.

Surprise Facts:

Owns several motorcycles, but her favorite bike is her dirt-bike.

Friends and Foes: