The Sweet Sensation

As a girl, Azucar would attend the local shows in Mexico City with her mother. As she watched the masked luchadors fight, Azucar noticed all of the wrestlers were men. A young Azucar asked her mother, “Why can’t women be the Superheroes?” That one question served as the catalyst for Azucar’s entire mission in professional wrestling. Today, Azucar’s mother stands proud, cheering her daughter, as Azucar dons her mask and represents all girls that dream of being Superheroes. Azucar hopes to carry on the rich tradition of Lucha Libre and integrate it into the fabric of WOW - Women of Wrestling.


Mexico City, Mexico

Fighting Style:

Luchadora with brawler tendency

Signature Moves:

Sweet Spot, Sugar Cane , Sweet Treat


Traditional Mexican food, Telenovelas, Adventure, Comedy and the Arts, Family


Ignorance, Laziness


Have some pride!, Too sweet!, It’s about to get sweet in here., Sweetness. On demand.

Surprise Facts:

Grabbed a back-pack and traveled throughout Mexico and Central America for over six months living off the land, kindness of friends and strangers.

Friends and Foes: