The Beverly Hills Babe

From Dirt Bikes to Rodeo Drive

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, the Beverly Hills Babe (“BHB”), known to wrestling fans as Amber O’Neal, a star of the independent scene and trailblazer for women’s wrestling, making history in Japan is officially at the end of her road and doesn’t give a flip what others think. Raised in an environment of substance abuse and neglect, her life experiences resemble an episode of Showtime’s hit series Shameless. She’s eaten at too many gas station dinners and slept on her last scratchy motel bed. BHB has paid more dues than any other woman on the WOW roster.  Her accomplishments in professional wrestling are too long to list. She was at the top of the game when a marriage rocked with narcissistic abuse knocked her down. But BHB is a fighter! She overcame her divorce and now she is ready to do what she does best - fight her way to the top - and her target is WOW. So no more All-American Girls. Keeping clean isn’t going to cut it. “This is professional wrestling not the Sisterhood of the Traveling Spandex,” she taunts.

BHB is seeking fame again and she has aligned her self with the Fabulous Lana Star. Bring on the drinks, bring on the party and bring on the fight. BHB is ready to finally get what’s hers -- the taste of champagne and the WOW World Championship around her waist.



From Beverly Hills, California by way of Charlotte, North Carolina

Fighting Style:

The Beverly Hills Babe is a vicious brawler.

Signature Moves:

Kickstand, Queen City Stretch, The Booty Pop


Botox, Shopping Sprees with Lana Star


Unmotivated people, Her ex-husband


“You got nothin’ on me!”, “I’m the Queen of Queen City.”, “GIRLLL……”

Surprise Facts:

BHB’s career debuted on the large stage of Wrestle Kingdom and she went on as a trail blazer, becoming the first woman in history to carry the NWA Women’s World Champion to New Japan.

Friends and Foes: