The Soldier of Darkness

She calls herself the Soldier of Darkness.  The black military uniform.  The intriguing war paint.  The malicious in-ring style.  It is all a composition of this dark mercenary--a black symphony, if you will that doesn’t provide us any true understanding as to why Desdemana joined WOW. We do know Desdemeana savors the darkness.  She relishes in the macabre.  She takes pleasure in the bleakest aspects of human existence where the ‘darkness’ influences her.  She also personifies the word ‘soldier’.   It is a single-minded purpose to destroy, almost like she doesn’t even see the fans as she enters the ring.  It’s almost inhuman the way this calculating competitor battles her opponents with an in-ring style that is built upon being merciless.  A blackened army of wretched and departed souls backs her as Desdemeana plans to rip a black hole through the center of the WOW World.


Parts Unknown

Fighting Style:

Brutal power moves & methodical submissions

Signature Moves:

Supernatural Suplex, Body Slam, Magna Tenebra


Inflicting Pain, Dark Arts, Fantasy


All that is Light & Good


Fear the Soldier of Darkness., The Magna Tenebra is coming.

Surprise Facts:

Desdemeana hasn’t been seen by anyone, inside the ring or outside the ring, since her match with Jade.

Friends and Foes: