Feel the Freeze

From the moment she could walk, Frost has been a naturally skilled, genetically superior, and incredibly driven athlete. She has been a fierce competitor in sports since an early age and has excelled at them all. Eventually, she found herself as a Division-I super-athlete at the University of California, Berkeley. After college, she joined the United States National Bobsled team. But instead of global glory, her attitude caused rifts with her teammates, leaving team officials no other choice but to dismiss Frost. Frost retreated to a frozen mountain top outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and isolated herself from the outside world. There she realized teammates hold her back. “I’m Frost.  I’m the best.”  Returning to the States, Frost sought individual fame in a sport that would bring her that individual glory: WOW - Women of Wrestling. Like her bobsled, she expects to be on a one-way journey to victory and nobody is going to stand in her way.


Los Angeles, CA

Fighting Style:

Powerful technician with a tendency to showboat

Signature Moves:

Frostbite Figure Four Leglock, Icepick


Likes feeling respected, Proving herself


Anyone in her way to the top


Feel my frost., I don’t care about these chicks., I’m the best., Feel my [deep] freeze., Feel my chill.

Surprise Facts:

Has a twin sister. Appears on reality TV, Coaching Bad and the Raft. She calls fans ‘Frosties’

Friends and Foes: