Jungle Grrrl

The Predator

As a child, Jungle Grrrl and her parents moved around the world. They settled for a time in Colombia, just outside the Amazon Rainforest. Being surrounded by the Amazon’s vibrant yet cruel ecosystem taught the young girl the law of the jungle – “kill or be killed.” After winning the WOW World Championship from The Fabulous Lana Star in a battle over a decade in the making, Jungle Grrrl built a corporate kingdom around that title. From self-help books to TED talks and on to countless collaborations with like-minded brands, Jungle Grrrl is building an empire around being a winner. Being the best mother to her cub, being the best boss to her gym’s employees, being the ultimate predator in the jungle of her life, Jungle Grrrl is all about being dominant. But at the end of the day inspirational memes can only motivate so far. The guru game is a saturated market and to keep demand for her supply, Jungle Grrrl knows she needs to put those words back into action. After losing the championship title to Santana Garrett, she must prove she can physically master the hunt once again. The question remains: Can Jungle Grrrl make a comeback?


Columbia, MD

Fighting Style:

Power wrestler with speed, agility, and aerial abilities

Signature Moves:

The Jungle Splash, Call of the Wild, Superplex


Working out in the gym, Strong love of her family


Excuses for not achieving peak performance


Never hunt what you can’t kill., Kill or be killed., Learn the laws of the jungle.

Surprise Facts:

Created the word “Endorphasm,” which she defines as “the point when we push ourselves past the point of physical exertion and the endorphins take us over and transform us into a Superhero.” Registered ‘Endorphasm’ with Webster’s dictionary. Runs the Endorphasm Gym which hosts clients including NFL athletes, fitness models, and former military personnel.

Friends and Foes: