Khloe Hurtz

The All Natural

The comments section is lies. Khloe Hurtz is the “All Natural.” Trolls will tell you she’s phonier than a catfish, but this is the realest b*tch in the game. And don’t get it twisted. She’s not man-made, she’s self-made. Khloe got her start in the wrestling business the way she thought she had to -- as just another girl in some guy’s entourage. But not anymore. Those tables have turned. Now she has her own crew of muscle-bound men at her beck and call. She likes to think of them as her “ring rats.” Other people label it differently, calling the whole concept petty and problematic, but has Khloe ever listened to other people. As far as she’s concerned, you’re looking at the future face of women’s wrestling. And Khloe doesn’t give a single damn if you think that face is wearing too much makeup and shows too much tattooed skin. She’s her own greatest creation and all the other WOW wrestlers that are shook, well, they’re just not woman enough to make that for themselves. With “ring rats” carrying her to the ring with each introduction, and removal of her white sheer robe, followed by a blown kiss in the wind from each member of her “rats” squad, it’s Khloe time!

Signature Moves:

The Clapback, Acrylic Assault