Simply Purrr-fect

This WOW Superhero was literally born under the Hollywood sign. A family of cat lovers they made their daughter their Kitty. A true cat person, who actually heads a voluntary organization for rescuing cats, Kitty has adopted her feline personality. Kitty believed she was destined for greatness. But she never found a sense of purpose and direction she sought until she met WOW World Champion, the Fabulous Lana Star. Lana is the embodiment of the superstar Kitty wishes to be…a Hollywood insider. Kitty embraced the chance to become the personal assistant to the Fabulous Lana Star. As a personal assistant, finally is finding herself through the land of big dreams and stars. Kitty’s ability to endear people while she maneuvers through the cut-throat world of Hollywood makes her the perfect assistant for Lana Star. Kitty is ready to employ any means necessary to help Lana retain the World Championship of WOW and retain her position as one of Hollywood’s insiders.  


Hollywood, CA

Fighting Style:

Non-wrestler; does not fight


Finer things, Cats, High-class parties


Mean people


Meow!, Pur-fect!

Surprise Facts:

Kitty was LITERALLY born underneath the Hollywood sign in California.

Friends and Foes: