Lana Star

The Fabulous One

Born in the heart of Hollywood, raised on the excess of the Southern California lifestyle and trained to be simply better, the fabulous Lana Star defines what it means to be Hollywood royalty. Lana’s craves the spotlight and has her fair share of LA perks including hobnobbing at the Playboy mansion. Her successful career in acting and modeling includes appearing in commercials, music videos and gracing the big screen. However, her prized accomplishment has been being the longest reigning WOW World Champion. As champion, Lana has been known for her demanding ways and for firing personal assistants. She is also known to boast she is the real executive producer of the WOW television series. Most fans know it is simply boasting, but in WOW Season 4 Lana has promised she actually will take over operations. What could this mean for David McLane? What could this mean for Jungle Grrrl? What could this mean for everyone in WOW? Certainly it won’t be a day at the spa!


Hollywood, CA

Fighting Style:

Sneaky, dirty show-off

Signature Moves:

The Facelift, The Nip-Tuck, The Wish Upon a Star


Red Velvet Cake


People that are late


"Not WOW… The Lana Star show!", "All of this… belongs to me!"

Surprise Facts:

Always 10 minutes early for any meeting. Recently enrolled in Spanish classes. Appeared in ads for Tag Body Spray and films for Marvel, Disney, and Universal.

Friends and Foes: