Princess Aussie

The Unbreakable

Born and raised in The Outback of Australia, Princess Aussie grew up as a part of a close-knit community. When her mother gained the opportunity to work overseas, that community stepped up and helped to raise Princess Aussie with the values of pride, dignity and respect.


The first sign that Princess Aussie was meant to rise as a hero of her people involved a childhood bully, who ran rampant through the school, making life miserable for everyone around her. Sick of backing down and being pushed around, Princess Aussie was the one to finally stand up to the bully, chasing her down until she hid in a bathroom stall. But Princess Aussie’s bravery inspired everyone around her. The people of her community came to Aussie’s aid, wrenching the doors off the handles and flinging them away, so that Aussie could confront the vile bully.


Aussie learned a lesson that day. It was about pride. But not just about being proud of oneself. The pride she felt was for her community, for her brothers and sisters. It is like the story of the stick. They say that one stick, alone, can be easily broken in two. But tie many sticks together, and you have a strong, unbreakable bundle. The people who raised her, the WOW Superheroes who stand by her, her mother who worked hard to give her a good life: those are Aussie’s sticks. And she is unbreakable.


The Australian Outback

Fighting Style:

Princess Aussie is a skilled and technical grappler.

Signature Moves:

Aussie Splash


Teamwork, Sharing


Bad apples, Selfishness


“Their strength is my strength!”

Surprise Facts:

Trained as a boxer for a time.

Friends and Foes: