The Vanguard of Violence

Razor is a do-it-yourself kind of girl. Whether studding a leather jacket or stitching up her own war wounds, there is nothing these tattooed fingers can’t flare or fix. Razor was busy with the later when WOW’s Riot first recruited the wrestler to join her faction. The Season One veteran Riot found the punk princess in an alley pulling staples out of her scalp and flicking them into the nearest dumpster. At her boots lay a pile of empty whiskey nips and another promotion’s championship belt. Riot knew her stable needed some muscle and this masochist fit the bill. One ride to the nearest walk-in clinic and a tetanus shot later Razor was ready to cut a deal. Riot has formed a team that emerges from the streets of pain and torment with the rejected and surely dangerous Spike and Razor.

Signature Moves:

The Tetanus Shot, The 138