WOW World Champion

Santana Garrett

Headband Power

Santana Garrett is a second-generation wrestler. Her father is ‘TNT’ Kenny G, and he’s had his daughter at ringside since the day she was born. From an early age, Santana knew she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps, even joking that she “grew up inside a wrestling ring.” She has been quoted as saying she learned holds from her dad before she was in junior high. This kind of upbringing had a tremendous influence on the young second-generation star, and as soon as she entered adulthood, she became a wrestler. She earned her stripes throughout the independent circuit of Florida, and began working all over the country, and before long, she went global. She now finds herself in the spotlight on the biggest stage for women’s professional wrestling: WOW - Women Of Wrestling. She must prove her mettle against the most impressive Superheroes in the business. Wrestling is in her blood and her destiny has brought her to WOW. Can Santana Garrett fulfill her wildest dreams and become the next great WOW Superhero?


Orlando, Florida

Fighting Style:

Santana Garrett is a speedy high-flyer with a vast arsenal of technical maneuvers.

Signature Moves:

Supernatural Moonsault


Time with family, Helping others in need, Second chances


Selfish people, Negativity


“The dream will never die!”, “Headband Power!”

Surprise Facts:

Santana Garrett was instrumental in helping legendary wrestler Scott Hall during his rehabilitation.

Friends and Foes: