WOW World Champion

Santana Garrett

Headband Power

As one of the most decorated women on the WOW roster, this second generation wrestler literally grew up in the wrestling ring. She knows she is now at the top of her profession having won the only belt missing in her closet — the WOW World Championship. Now she must continue to prove her mettle against the most impressive talent in wrestling. This all-American girl next door is the embodiment of rainbows, donut emojis, and all things positive. In the cutthroat world of women’s wrestling, she’s all about sisterhood, camaraderie, and making each other better. When she’s not on the road, Santana keeps busy back home in Florida sewing her own glittery gear and teaching the next generation of lady wrestlers the ropes. Santana will be first to tell you that on Wednesdays they wear galaxy leggings, and yes, “you CAN sit with us!” Wrestling is in her blood. Her destiny has brought her to the WOW Championship. Can Santana fulfill her wildest dreams and become the longest reigning WOW Champion? Time will tell. But for Santana no title is worth winning unless it’s earned “the right way.” So she’ll keep the take downs in the ring and no feelings will get hurt!


Orlando, Florida

Fighting Style:

Speedy high-flier with a vast arsenal of technical maneuvers

Signature Moves:

Supernatural Moonsaul, Black Magic, Distortion


Time with family, Helping others in need, 2nd chances


Selfish people, Negativity


The dream will never die!

Surprise Facts:

Santana Garrett was instrumental in helping legendary wrestler Scott Hall during his rehabilitation

Friends and Foes: