Selina Majors

All About that Southern Pride

During her childhood in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Selina Majors was always taught that wrestling was a man’s sport. Women were just a warm-up match; never the main event. Selina and a few other talented ladies challenged that perception and demanded respect for their abilities. She took her Southern Pride and wasn’t going to let any other wrestler, man or woman, show her up. She wasn’t above beating respect into a dissenter. It didn’t take long for Selina Majors’ name to become synonymous with women’s wrestling as a true fan favorite. Her bouts became the stuff of legend as she toured all over the world. One particular rival, another Georgia wrestler, Thug, took particular offense to being shown up by Selina. When Selina joined WOW, Thug followed. Selina blamed Thug for preventing her from taking the WOW Championship sparking the greatest feud in WOW history. As she trains new wrestlers, some of the brash, physically gifted youngsters can’t relate to the dues Selina has paid to open the doors they are now walking through. Some have found, if you don’t give Selina her respect, she might just beat it into you. And she has brought a new wrestler to WOW, her relative Jesse Jones to back her up. Together they are going to show everyone what Southern Pride is all about!


Stone Mountain, Georgia

Fighting Style:

Old-school brawler with great technical wrestling ability

Signature Moves:

Stunner, Georgia Bulldog, Thesz Press


Southern hospitality, Family, Respect


Ungratefulness, Disrespect, Yankees


We’re gonna teach you about Southern Pride!, We’re gonna show you what Southern Pride means to us!

Surprise Facts:

Selina Majors gives back to the wrestling community as a trainer of future talent.

Friends and Foes: