Sophia Lopez

The Best Attorney in the World

Sophia Lopez’ comes from humble beginnings in Mexico, and gained her reputation as “the best attorney in the world” by defending celebrities who got into trouble in Las Vegas. While in the Public Defenders Office she came across the case of Delta Lotta Pain and Loca, who WOW fans know collectively as Caged Heat, the WOW Championship tag team whose only escape from their cell was the time they spent in the ring on a work release program. Sophia examined their case and although Caged Heat always proclaimed they were wrongly accused but destined to spend their life rotting in prison, Sophia believed in their innocence. Sophia decided to get involved, and her slick legal maneuvering brought swift justice. Before prosecutors could react, Caged Heat was released from the Nevada Correctional Facility and placed in a condition of permanent parole, pending a new case against them by the state.  Now, Sophia Lopez has two of the most notorious clients and manages their defense, this time of the WOW Tag Team Championship Belts.


Leon Guanajuato, Mexico

Fighting Style:

Non-wrestler; does not fight

Signature Moves:

Power of verbal persuasion, Connections; friends in high places


Adventure and traveling , Love different foods


Hypocrisy and people that are hypocrites. Sophia believes you say what you believe and believe what you say.


Sophia Lopez is the best attorney in the world., There has been an unlawful miscarriage of justice.

Surprise Facts:

Loves traveling. Recently went to Russia and Norway to gain perspective of life and people’s experiences.

Friends and Foes: