Sophia Lopez

The Greatest Attorney in the World

Every law school graduate thinks they are going to be the next high-powered attorney. After graduating UCLA Law School, Sophia Lopez interviewed at every office in California. The opportunities she sought, however, went to men not of Hispanic heritage. After having countless doors slammed on her, Sophia took the only job she could find: The public defender's’ office. Sophia felt disheartened after obligations to defend murderers, drug dealers, and the scourge of the Earth. She nearly quit the public defender's’ office to go back home to Mexico City. Serendipitously, though, a case came to her from Nevada. Sophia Lopez read about two women, Loca and Delta Lotta Pain, and their history as competitors for WOW – Women Of Wrestling. Their story inspired her. Plus, after reviewing the evidence, Sophia ascertained that neither woman appeared to be guilty. Sophia took on her most challenging case. In the midst of it all, Sophia Lopez quit the public defender's’ office, started her own firm, and took on Caged Heat as her two most high-profile clients. Ultimately, Sophia Lopez’ tenacity won the case. Thus, freeing Caged Heat from their incarceration. Now, Sophia Lopez not only seeks to be the “greatest attorney in the world,” but she seeks power from all avenues. The upper echelon of WOW need be on guard, because Sophia looks to seize the world that seemed so far out of her grasp once and for all.


Leon Guanajuato, Mexico

Fighting Style:

Non-wrestler; does not fight

Signature Moves:

Power of verbal persuasion, Connections; friends in high places


Adventure and traveling, Love different foods


Hypocrisy and people that are hypocrites. Sophia believes you say what you believe and believe what you say.


Sophia Lopez is the best attorney in the world., There has been an unlawful miscarriage of justice.

Surprise Facts:

Loves traveling. Recently went to Russia and Norway to gain perspective of life and people’s experiences.

Friends and Foes: