Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

When she was just a child, Spike’s mother threw her in the car, drove her down the street, kicked her out on the sidewalk, and said, “You’re someone else’s problem now.” Spike was alone and rejected. Sadly, the rest of her family had no idea what was happening to her. Not even her legendary aunt, Thug, wrestling on tour around the world was aware of just how terrible the situation was. Spike spent several lost years on the streets of Los Angeles searching through pain and torment. She would look in the mirror every morning and ask, “Who am I?” One day, Spike woke up and had an answer to that question: “I am Spike!” Spike set out on a path of redemption and glory. She wanted to follow in the steps of her legendary aunt, Thug and to put the pain or her life behind her. She set out to become one of the biggest names in professional wrestling. Spike had found herself.  From the lowest of lows, she graduated from the School of Hard Knocks with honors. She finds herself--now--as a WOW Superhero in search of the WOW World Championship, an honor not even her aunt has achieved. Can she finish her story of redemption and gain the gold?


The Streets of L.A.

Fighting Style:

Technical wrestler that is rough around the edges

Signature Moves:

Spike in the Coffin, Final Spike, Lobotomy


Sarcastic humor, Travelling, International culture


Bigotry, Blandness


Who am I? I am Spike.

Surprise Facts:

Spike’s mother abandoned her as a young girl by leaving her on the sidewalk and telling her she was someone else’s problem now.

Friends and Foes: