Stephy Slays

The Hustler

You have as many hours in a day as Stephy. She’s got 3 jobs, 2 side hustles, is a full-time college student and still makes time to bake Pinterest Pizza Bites for movie night with the girls. Plus she’s got a Instagram platform that is blowing up. She’s up for any challenge whether it’s about charity, cinnamon, or winning the WOW World Championship! Ever the master multi-tasker, Stephy’s wrestling matches double as both a shot at the title and a wear-test for the best sweat-proof foundations at the drugstore! #NotSponsored. When Stephanie isn’t living up to her name by killing it in the ring, she’s snapping the latest crazy things Mama Slays says, caring for her fur babies, and exploring all around Los Angeles with her crew. But don’t let the filters fool you, this millennial means business.


Dallas, TX

Fighting Style:

Speedy Underdog, Fast, High-flyer

Signature Moves:

#DYA -- Delete Your Account, #TheSponsoredSnap, #DoItForTheGIF


Pizza – especially pepperoni, sausage and mushroom.




Be wonderful!, The greatest wonders come in small packages.

Surprise Facts:

Started wrestling while still attending her senior year of high school.

Friends and Foes: