I Do Belong

Growing up as a child of divorce is no easy task. WOW Superhero, Sunshine, knows this truth all too well. To make matters more difficult, Sunshine and her family relocated from Dallas to Los Angeles. Initially, Sunshine had trouble fitting in with the other kids. The other families were rich, affluent, white families. Sunshine and her family just did not fit the status quo. Sunshine did everything she could to attempt to fit in with her new peers. She joined every athletic team she could, including the track team. Sunshine won over the other kids with her upbeat attitude and positive outlook on life. Before long, she had more friends in California than she ever had in Texas. Sunshine’s outgoing ways and history of athletics made her a natural for the wrestling business. Fans took to her immediately. Now, Sunshine enters WOW and finds herself in the same situation she did when she moved to California. Her cheery demeanor has her competition thinking she won’t be able to transition to the hard-hitting, smash-mouth sport of wrestling. What Sunshine’s critics don’t know, though, is that this California beach-girl has a competitive edge to her like no other. She aims to be the greatest WOW Superhero, and a future World Champion. Sunshine has every WOW fan on her side, which should make this uphill battle easy like a California breeze.


Los Angeles, CA by way of Dallas, Texas

Fighting Style:

Technician with a tendency to involve the crowd in fun ways

Signature Moves:

Sunset Flip , California Sunrise


Fast cars, Country music


Coffee, People that aren’t real


Everybody needs some Sunshine! , Bask in the Sunshine., The sun will shine today, tomorrow, and forever!

Surprise Facts:

High school track star, One full-blood sibling, Multiple half-siblings

Friends and Foes: