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Born in Armenia where, generally, women are not encouraged to follow their ambitions or their passions, Tatevik the Gamer comes from one of the most unique backgrounds ever seen from a WOW Superhero. Tatevik has actually trained as a ballet dancer since age five, and by age fifteen, was dancing the Argentine Tango with master dancers such as Sergie Tumas. From there, Tatevik branched out and began acting. She worked as an actress on several big budget films. She has even worked with actors such as Dolph Lundgren and athletes such as Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture. In 2010, Tatevik began training with Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez in Ukidokan kickboxing. She worked her way up to becoming a 6th level Ukidokan master. With her background in dance, acting, and martial-arts she gravitated towards WOW - Women of Wrestling. She felt she defined what it meant to be a WOW Superhero by overcoming her background from a rigid culture, and becoming something more than anyone could ever dream.


Yerevan, Armenia

Fighting Style:

Martial artist

Signature Moves:

Level Up, Boss Fight, Hadouken


Video games, Ukidokan training, Telling jokes


Drama, People that don’t give 100%


Game over!, This is NOT a game!

Surprise Facts:

Tatevik is the first WOW Superhero that is of Armenian descent.

Friends and Foes: