The Dagger


The Dagger had humble beginnings as a rebellious teen in the Bay Area of Northern California. She would sneak out at night for some skateboarding, roof jumping and other daredevil activities with friends. Dagger’s father introduced her to his weapons collection one day offering her examples of the parallels with extreme sports. The two bonded over their mutual interests.  

After starting a family, the mysterious death of her abusive husband in their home brought Dagger unwanted notoriety. Despite being the subject of countless true crime podcasts and investigative specials, multiple defense attorneys argued the impossibility that his death could be due to our dear Dagger. She may have a short fuse but she’s certainly not guilty of a crime. But in the face of this tragedy Dagger chooses to look on the bright side, “I survived an abusive relationship and the urn makes a great decoration for the family mantel!”  

When Dagger isn’t settling estates, she spends quality time with her “babies” — a stockpile of knives. They are just collector’s items of course! With years of MMA training under her belt and at the recommendation of her legal counsel, Dagger has joined WOW as a way to rebuild her public image and as an outlet for all that…anger.

Dagger will be the first to admit she’s lethal but certainly no killer. But do her last words to her late husband (“karma is a bitch baby”) leave room to wonder?  

Signature Moves:

The Accidental Overdose, The Life Insurance Policy, The Broken Prenup