Motorcycles and Mayhem

Thug grew up in a greasy saloon in Reynolds, Georgia. The only thing tougher than the food was her mother. Thug feared her mother for good reason. Fighting was just part of everyday life. At the age of seventeen, Thug sought refuge from her deplorable home life in a wrestling camp run by one of the greatest wrestlers of all time: The Fabulous Moolah. There, Thug trained alongside the likes of Wendi Richter, Leilani Kai, and Joyce Grable. Eventually, Thug’s wrestling family became her only family and Thug liked it that way. Thug set out to be the best wrestler she possibly could be. Wrestling for the WWE (then called the WWF), NWA and other promotions, Thug wanted to prove to her parents that she could actually be somebody.  Thug took all of the pain through which she’d suffered, and channeled it into being a professional at beating people up. One rival Thug ran into in Georgia was Selina Majors. Their knock-down, drag-out brawls made them famous. Their rivalry went to another level when Selina entered WOW - Women of Wrestling and Thug followed. Thug certainly has made a mark on this industry and now as she passes her knowledge on to her long lost niece, Spike, and the next generation of Superheroes.  


Reynolds, Georgia

Fighting Style:


Signature Moves:

The Last Call, The Bar Fight, Handlebar


Harley Davidson motorcycles, Drinking beer, Fighting


Rules, Quiet people


Ain’t nobody better than Harley’s Angels.

Surprise Facts:

When Thug wrestled in Japan, some of her matches went on for hours at a time. She said it was the greatest test of endurance she’d ever faced.

Friends and Foes: