Tropical Storm

Storm Warning in Effect

As the girl from the Island of Tonga in the original WOW Superheroes, Paradise amassed an impressive following of fans with her outgoing personality and vibrant smile. After taking a hiatus from WOW, Paradise settled down, married, and started a family of her own in Las Vegas, Nevada. As her children started watching television, they would see WOW on TV and ask their Mom why aren’t you doing that anymore? It was this question that nagged at her psyche. Seeing this, her husband and close friends urged her to follow her dreams in the ring. So Paradise decided to make an epic return. This time, though, she vowed to do things differently. Now results mattered, she had to show her kids she is a winner. Paradise tapped into her inner-ferocity. Gone are the colorful outfits. She would show no mercy to any opponent until her hand was raised.  While planning to be a singles competitor, she met a loud-mouthed wrestler from Nicaragua. La Niña had a similar attitude, rebelling against the pretty costume and packaging. They discovered it was beneficial to back each other up and a natural team was formed.  Thinking their shared attitude might come from the tropical latitudes of their origin, they began calling themselves ‘Tropical Storm.’  Watch out.  A Storm Warning is now in effect. For their opponents, the forecast calls for pain.


Paradise: The Island of Tonga; La Niña: Nicaragua

Fighting Style:


Signature Moves:

Paradise Lost, Street Sweeper, Sand Trap, Storm Warning, Storm Front, Flash Flood


Travelling, Trash-talking


Weakness, Small-mindedness


There’s no Paradise here!, Looks like a storm’s coming!

Surprise Facts:

Paradise performed in a tropical themed Las Vegas live show where she met her husband. La Niña is the ring announcer for El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground wrestling.

Friends and Foes: